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The first company that comes to mind when talking about stationery in Turkey, and now a tradition, Adel started operating when its first factory was established in Istanbul – Kartal, 1969. Adel’s pencils and stationery products, both of high quality, have became well known in Turkey and took an important place in education of endless generations. 

Adel is, except for paper products, both in terms of output and product range, the biggest stationery manufacturer of Turkey and nearby countries. Adel produces 13% of wood-cased pencils throughout Europe. 

Since its foundation, Adel has had cooperations with Faber-Castell, the world’s oldest pencils factory. They have reinforced their partnerships via a partnership in 1995, and with this partnership, Adel continues its investments which add value to Turkey.

Since its foundation, Adel has grown steadily and took a great step – in September 2011, getting its strength from its cooperation of many years with Faber-Castell and Anadolu Group’s nationwide experience, it established “LLC Faber-Castell Anadolu” company in Russia.

In 2013, Adel launched its children oriented new brand, Adeland. Apart from its coloring pencils, crayons and watercolor paint, Adeland has broken a new ground and introduced a new and entertaining world to children, creating their own characters, countries, entertainment sets and stories. 

Adel has gone public in 1996 and today, it’s 27,70% share is traded at Borsa Istanbul. We achieved a 14% growth in 2015, compared to the sales of previous year. We are proud of our growth rate which ranks above Turkey average. We are continuing our steady growth. Our revenue has nearly doubled in the last 5 years. We are among the first 25 companies in average dividend yields. 

Adel, as the leader of stationery sector, manufactures wood-cased lead pencils, coloring and copying pencils, ball point pens, mechanical leads and graphites, liquid ink pens, markers, crayons, watercolor paints, erasers, finger paints, modeling clays, and gouache paints in its production plant in Cayirova. 

Today, Adel is in charge of marketing and sales of Faber-Castell, Graf von Faber-Castell, Adel, Adeland, Atlas and Mark brands with 4.500 types of products, which are all produced in Turkey and imported. 

Adel Kalemcilik has been a member of EPMA (European Pencil Manufacturer’s Association) and EWIMA (The European Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Association) since 1999, and it is the only company who is a member of such unions. Evrim Hizaler, General Manager of Adel Kalemcilik, has been the first Turkish executive to be selected as the President of EPMA. Adel is also a member of TÜKİD (Union of All Stationery Owners). 

Adel Kalemcilik, since its establishment, has tried to do all of its work with the aim of being useful to its partners and society, and supporting sustainable projects. With the “goodness” trait in its heartbeat, Adel Kalemcilik is the biggest supporter of education and creativity in education and it runs many sponsorship and social responsibility projects. Along with cooperation with various Foundations and Associations, Adel Kalemcilik;

• Connects with more than 100.000 children via “Faber-Castell Creativity Rooms” in museums, hotels, party houses and schools.
• Has focused on the importance of creativity in children via connecting with 3.500 teachers in 4 years in “Faber Castell, Creative Brain, Creative Kids” seminars for teachers, and is planning to reach out to 2.000 teachers in 2016.
• Provides stationery aid to more than 200.000 children in a year. 

Adel, having celebrated its 45th year in 2014, is currently exporting to nearly 60 countries. It has moved to its new production plant in Çayırova in 2015, and with its experience in retail sector and a wide network of dealers, is now the leader of a new track. After many diligent studies and market researches for more than two years, it entered into toys industry with world famous brands like Auldey, Lotus, WOW and NICI apart from its own brand Adeland

Our mission: Taking part in the lives of everyone who wants to shape and color their dreams and leave a trace.
Our vision: Being an international company delivering high quality and innovative products to its consumers with respect to society, environment and ethical values.
Our values: Goodness, Quality, Innovation, Success

Adel in Numbers

1) 4.500 types of products
2) Export to nearly 60 countries
3) Production of approximately 270 million pieces per year
4) Turkey's and its nearby region's biggest wood-cased pencil manufacturer
5) If put side by side, the products manufactured by Adel can go around the world.
6) Partnership Status: Anadolu Group 57%, Faber-Castell AG. 15,40%, free float rate 22,6%, small partners 5%
7) 390 employees (150 office, 240 production)
Rate of top-end women employment in Adel: 33%
8) Faber-Castell brand awareness 100%, Adel 85%, Adeland 61%
9) 9 out of 10 consumers use a product branded as Adel Kalemcilik.
10) Stationery dealers recommend Faber-Castell most.
11) Entered into Toy industry with 5 brands in 2015.

“Faber-Castell”, “Graf von Faber-Castell”, “Adel”, “Adeland”, “Atlas”

Auldey, Lotus, NICI, WOW, Pinypon, Nenuco, Oddbods, Sluban ve Adeland. 

And also Adel made an agreement with Mattel, Simba, Giochi Preziosi to distribute and sell some of the certain products on the sell points.


1969: The first company that comes to mind when talking about stationery in Turkey, and now a tradition, Adel started operating when its first factory was established in Istanbul – Kartal.
1995: The cooperation between Adel Kalemcilik and a globally known manufacturer of writing and painting tools, Faber-Castell, has become a partnership.
1995: The first of Sales and Marketing activities to connect the stationery selling points with the products, which have been carried out ever since for 20 years, and now done as a tradition in 20 cities with more than 6000 participants, have been performed. 
1996: Adel Kalemcilik went public and started to be traded at Borsa İstanbul.
2000: As a result of the passion to rediscover the past and to take this discovery to future with flawless design and technology, Graf von Faber-Castell collection that symbolizes "Luxury in simplicity" came to light in the year 2000.
2003: Atlas Pen pencil fabricate was bought. 
2009: Adel Kalemcilik renewed its logo and met with its customers with its new image in its 40th year anniversary.
2011: Faber-Castell celebrated the first of its 250th year festivities in an organization in Çırağan Palace, funded by Adel Kalemcilik.
2011: Adel Kalemcilik and Faber-Castell established the company “Faber-Castell Anadolu” with equal association and got into Russian market. 
2012: The first of the “Faber-Castell, Creative Brain, Creative Kids” seminars for teachers, in which the aim is to help pediatric development via highlighting the importance of creativity was given in Istanbul. 
2013: Adel Kalemcilik broke a ground again, creating a new world full of adventures and color for children, with the brand Adeland’s entertaining characters. 
2013: Adel Anadolu Regional Sales Directorate was created with the aim of managing the distribution and retail of the cities out of Marmara region.
2014: With the “goodness” trait in its heartbeat, Adel Kalemcilik celebrated its 45th year anniversary with the vision of “being with whoever wishes to shape and enliven their dreams and leave colorful tracks behind”. 
2015: With the power of an experience of 45 years, Adel Kalemcilik entered into a new sector. Except stationeries, it now connects with its customers with 6 brands in Toys category. 

Adel has moved to its new production plant in Çayırova. 


About Faber-Castell: 
Faber-Castell has celebrated its 250th year anniversary in 2011. The brand is the leader in the world in pencils and writing tools. Faber-Castell, the world’s oldest writing tools company and always a symbol of quality, innovation and creativity, owns 14 production plants in 9 countries in the world. Additionally, it has sales firms in 23 countries and distributors in more than 120 countries. Globally, the company has 7500 people working for it.

Faber-Castell is the company which has formed the pencil we see today and introduced the standards such as HB – 2B. One of the brand equities of the Faber-Castell is Social and Environmental Responsibility. The company, with this thought, has created its own lath (raw material of pencil) supply program in Brazil and Columbia. The forests not only help with lath supply, but they also are home to biological diversity. 

Forestation Project is the first project in the world to be approved by UN “Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Faber-Castell is one of the first private corporations which are allowed to sell emission certificates for the protection of climate and forestry. World’s leader pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell uses 100% sustainable lath which is more than 95% FSCTM certified. Faber-Castell is a “Carbon Neutral” company. 

About Anadolu Group:
Founded in 1950, Anadolu Group has been carrying on its operations in 19 countries, 80 companies, 61 production plants and with more than 50.000 employees from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Anadolu Group, with its esteemed brands across the world, has focused on automotive, retail and finance industries and today it is extending its working areas with investments to energy, industrial agriculture, realty, health and informatics sectors.


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